Case Studies

the Lamp Company - - Business to Consumer screenshot

The Lamp Company is a leading supplier of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and specialist lamps in the UK for over 22 years. They are a great team of people and second to none for service and knowledge.

TextClever worked with the Lamp Company to build an eCommerce website that was integrated into the Lamp Co's accounting system for real-time full cycle order and stock processing, designed specifically for their trade customers.

After a few years, it became desirable to create a consumer focused website with a much more user friendly interface, clear product details and photographs, easy navigation, buy online easily and optimised for Search Engines and Social Media. Once the website was initially built, no real online promotion took place or any further development . The website had huge potential but was generating very little income compared to its trade site. Knowing that the owner and his team were great to work with, we decided to form a partnership where TextClever would take over all the development and online promotion for free in return for a profit of all online sales generated.

The sales have increased considerably in the last 2 years and the sales and relationship has grown stronger and stronger as we continue to develop and support the Lamp Co's online presence.

We are looking for similar partners and obviously limited and selective about who we work with. If you feel your there is potential, please get in touch!


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